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Lava viewing is one of the main attractions for visitors and one of the reasons for the creation of the park. When a lava flow is accessible to visitors by foot, safety issues arise with the low flights of air tours and other aircraft over the lava flow with up to hundreds of visitors on the ground in the same area. It is critical to have a person that can collect data on the flights, which will allow the park to have solid data from which to develop mitigations that ensure the safety of visitors on the ground, as well as protect the natural soundscape for resource protection as well as for the visitor experience, particularly in wilderness and non-wilderness backcountry areas. Collecting quantitative data and photographs will allow better management of this type of use.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Collect data regarding all aircraft (helicopter and fixed wing) flights observed, including company, location, estimated height above ground, and time of day, amount of actual flights. Timing and location of data collection will vary.
  2. May collect soundscape-related data related to aircraft overflights.
  3. Data entry into spreadsheet to determine flights per day, flights by company, routes utilized, etc. May also include soundscape-related data, if collected.


Additional Information regarding position:

The volunteer/intern will be trained in the methods for data collection. After training, the intern may work alone and may navigate in the field with GPS, compass, and topographic maps to remote areas of the park. The duties of this position may require strenuous physical exertion, standing, and walking for long time periods. The intern will be walking both on and off trail over rough uneven terrain often in inclement weather conditions (cold and wet or hot and dry).  He/she will use computer programs to input data collected which may require extended periods of time at a computer. 

After completing the defensive driving course, he/she may drive government vehicles. If the defensive driving has not been completed, he/she may be a passenger in government vehicles. Volunteer/intern will be allowed to drive personal vehicle to sites open to the public. Volunteer/intern will follow HAVO standard operating procedures and review job hazard analyses for field and office work. There may be stinging insects in the park, including wasps and bees. The area is subject to elevated levels of volcanic fumes (vog).  Efforts will be made to avoid or reduce exposure. Scheduling will be on individual basis with NPS project leaders. 

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