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We do beach cleanups, invasive plant removals and marine debris removals here.  Priority is given to the beach cleanups.  This site in particular is impacted by pallet bonfires that leave nails and often broken glass in the sand.  Bad news! While we clean up bonfires, we also respectfully educate anyone we see with pallets or other bonfire materials.

Depending on how much time is left after the beach cleanup, we will turn our attention to either/both invasive plant removals of the koa haole or marine debris removal of fishing line.

If water conditions are calm enough, we’ll do marine debris removal (fishing line/lead/plastics) from various coves at Kaʻiwi. Strong swimming skills a must for this site!

If you arrive after 4 PM you can find us out along the shoreline.  Keep an eye out for orange 808 shirts and orange buckets!


All cleanup supplies will be provided to you by 808 Cleanups.

Wear sturdy, fully enclosed shoes to protect your feet from potential nails, broken glass, and kiawe thorns.  If you want to get involved in removing invasive plants during this session, pants and even long sleeve shirts are highly recommended.  Kiawe thorns are no joke!  Hand and power tools will be provided along with safety training.

Please bring your own mask and fins if you plan to participate in the marine debris segment. Strong swimming skills a must for this site!


Meet in the Kaʻiwi parking lot by 4 PM (past Sandy Beach, before Makapu’u Lighthouse- please reference map pin and image below ).  If you come after 4 PM that’s okay, start your walk out along the beach and look for us in orange 808 shirts and for orange buckets.

If you haven’t already, please fill out an insurance waiver form before attending this event.

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