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One of our oldest and longest running restoration projects, the Hakipuʻu Stream Restoration Site was started in the summer of 2012.  This project is working to remove invasive species from Hakipu'u head-water spring areas and reforest with native plant species. Native plant species will help to reduce the amount of sediment entering Hakipu'u Stream and ultimately Kaneohe Bay. Enclosure fencing installed on the project protects native vegetation from domestic cattle and wild pigs. 
Volunteers are provided with a cultural and ecological history of the site and a safety briefing before taking a .75 mile walk through the ranch's pasture land and streams to reach the restoration project.  Once on site, volunteers are briefed on the project goals, identification of native and invasive species, and proper planting techniques before we all get our hands dirty pulling invasive plants and replanting native species.  We return to the morning's meeting location via an additional .75 mile walk with amazing views.
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