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The Hawai'i Conservation Alliance Foundation is seeking a consultant with database/website design & management expertise to aid us in revitalizing our Conservation Connections ( and Conservation Career Compass ( websites through the design of a new up-to-date and efficient shared database. This will include identifying & outlining key functions, features & tools along with providing a realistic budget for the rebuild and upkeep of the database. Bids should include a budget, summary of contractor/consultant experience, and a brief project work plan (not to exceed 5 pages). All bids must be submitted to no later than March 8th, 2021. You may also contact with questions about the project.

Request for Bids

Conservation Connections & Conservation Career Compass (Shared) Database Rebuild Scoping


Conservation Connections and Conservation Career Compass both rely on an interactive database of time-limited opportunities including jobs, volunteer work, scholarships and more. Opportunities are uploaded by organizations, sites, or projects that are approved to post on the site. This digital database is outdated and no longer functioning.

Conservation Connections ( was built in 2013 as a resource for the general public to become more aware about and involved with environmental stewardship efforts throughout Hawai’i. The website features a directory of environmental organizations who have created a profile within the Conservation Connections database as well as a suite of opportunities posted and provided by those organizations (volunteering, events, internships, full time jobs, and part-time jobs). It allows users to subscribe to organizations. Conservation Connections continues to be a one stop shop for all opportunities related to conservation across the Hawaiian Islands and is currently the access point for the digital database of live opportunities.

Conservation Career Compass ( is the sister site to Conservation Connections and was launched in 2017, inspired by the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage. As Hawaiʻi’s conservation career building resource for students and emerging professionals, it showcases key steps for a successful career in conservation. The site uses RSS feeds from Conservation Connections to show listings of current volunteer opportunities, internships, jobs, and events are also displayed as they are stepping stones for building experience. The site includes important curated perennial information including career guidance articles and stories from conservation professionals.

Project Overview:

The project will include scoping, research, and recommendations to provide a complete scope of work for building an effective and efficient database that feeds two websites or potentially a merged website. The contractor will have expertise in database design and management, as well as website design and management. Through initial consultations with Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance and Foundation (Alliance and Foundation) Project Leads, the contractor will learn more about the history of the two websites, their databases, features and functions they currently have, and vision for the database rebuild. Scoping workshops will be held with Alliance and Foundation staff, identified key stakeholders, and facilitated by the contractor. The scoping workshops will identify key functions and features for the new database based on user needs. User is defined as students (high school through college), emerging professionals, employers, and conservation/environmental organizations.

Using the feedback from the scoping workshops and their own expertise, the contractor will provide a complete description (scope of work) for a new database outlining its functions and features that will be most effective and efficient in showcasing career pathway opportunities for students and emerging professionals. This scope of work will be prepared so that fundraising efforts and soliciting for bids for the building of the new database can begin immediately. 

Budget: not to exceed $4,250 (including GET)

Timeline: 3 months; final deliverables by May 30, 2021

Deliverables: The contractor will be responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Workshops:
    • Workshop Agendas
    • Workshop Facilitation
    • Notes from workshops
  • Scope of work for database rebuild including:
    • Features and functions of new database
    • Off the shelf tools that may meet some of the needs
    • Budget for building database
    • Projected budget for managing database
    • Expected lifespan of database
    • Recommendations for website integration, design, and maintenance

Major Activities Include:

  • Initial consultation with Alliance and Foundation Project Leads
  • 2 scoping workshops to define key functions and features of the new database and its integration into the Conservation Career Compass and Conservation Connections websites
    • First Workshop
      • Initial discussion of required and desired functions and features
      • Discussion and narrowing of database needs for career pathway exploration and guidance, organizations, and communities
      • Finalized objectives and outcomes for the new database, Conservation Career Compass and Conservation Connections websites
    • Second Workshop
      • Finalize database functions and features
      • Finalize Conservation Career Compass and Conservation Connections website functions and features
      • Complete description of database including functions, tools, applications, and integration into the two websites
      • Final scope of work ready to fundraise and solicit bids for building of the new database

Contractor Responsibilities:

The contractor is responsible for work required to produce a final scope for rebuilding the database. The contractor will be responsible for leading the development of scoping workshop agendas. They will provide meeting notes from all consultations and workshops. It is the responsibility of the contractor to guide scoping workshop conversations towards identifying “need to have” functions and features for the new database. The contractor will provide clear recommendations about what features will enhance or complicate the database, as well as potential “off the shelf” tools that can fulfill the key functions and features. The contractor will help Alliance and Foundation Project Leads understand technical terminology relevant to the building of the new database and its functions and features. They will provide a finalized scope of work for the new database which will include a layout for rebuild specifying the key functions and features needed. The scope of work will use technical terminology that was discussed with Alliance and Foundation Project Leads that will be common language for contractors who will submit bids for the building of the new database. The contractor will also provide a budget for the building of the new database within the scope of work. As a non-profit organization, recommendations for services or platforms that may have programs or benefits for non-profit organizations are

Alliance and Foundation Responsibilities:

The Alliance and Foundation project leads will be responsible for and provide the contractor with the following:

  • Historical information on Conservation Connections and Conservation Career Compass databases and websites
  • Vision and objectives from Alliance and Foundation staff for the project
  • List of current Conservation Connections database functions, features, errors, and challenges
  • Conservation Connections user survey results
  • Identify and provide contact information for key stakeholders who will be participating in the scoping workshops
  • Assistance on scheduling the scoping workshops and provide meeting platform
  • Any additional resources or information needed may be requested by the contractor. Alliance and Foundation staff will consider request and provide materials if they are available

Bids should include a budget, summary of contractor expertise, and a brief project work plan. Bids should not exceed 5 pages.

Bids should be sent to Tara Meggett ( no later than March 8th, 2021.

You may also contact Tara with questions about the project.


For more information about Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance and this opportunity please visit our website at, contact us at Contact Phone or via email at

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