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Opportunity available for anyone who would be great for research talking story with hunters regarding how they learned to hunt, why they hunt, some of what makes pono practice in hunting, and their recommendation for land and wildlife management, as well as for new hunting areas, please let them know we have a undergraduate position open with Dr. Mehana Vaughan and Dr. Melissa Price in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management at UH Manoa.  It can be accessed at the link below.   

Go to SECE and search for the job #: 239796. Two postings will be listed. When clicking on the position description links, the posting with job number 239796-A5 is the graduate position.
Position Title: Researcher
Earning BS in biology, geography, natural resource management, wildlife, and/or related fields. Experience with geospatial analysis. Experience conducting interviews and social science research. Proficiency in statistical software. Strong interest in wildlife, game management, cultural resource management, and conservation. Demonstrated team player, and good listener with ability to work independently. Organized, with excellent communication and writing skills.
(1) survey hunter preferences; (2) interview hunters regarding hunter preferences; (3) analyze survey and interview data; and (4) prepare reports and manuscripts. Initial duties include (but are not limited to) conducting interviews, implementing surveys; analyzing data using appropriate statistical and other analytical techniques; writing manuscripts for publication; and producing reports. The employee is expected to perform other additional tasks as assigned. Duties also include collaborating and working with other researchers in an interdisciplinary environment. 
Desired Skills
MAC, PC, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database Mgt, Drivers License


For more information about Conservation Connections Job Manager and this opportunity please visit our website at Website, contact us at Contact Phone or via email at Contact Email.

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