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The ideal watershed behavior is to get residents to fully understand the connection between storm drains and downstream waters and avoid any activity that discharges pollutants.  This awareness is most often created by marking storm drain inlets using the o'opu (native goby) marked with the message, "No Dumping, Drains to Ocean", reminding residents that the negative watershed behaviors are to use storm drains as a means of disposal for trash, yard waste and household products. 

Storm drain marking sends a message to keep pollutants out of the storm drain system.  Marks may also reduce residential spills and illicit discharges.  Marking is a direct and local way to increase watershed awarenes and practice neighborhood stewardship.

Volunteer leaders must complete a mandatory 45-minute training/safety briefing.  The City provides a fact sheet, release form, catch basin map, storm drain marking kit; marks, Clean Water Hero brochure with useful phone numbers.

Participation/Involvement: Volunteers from middle and high schools, Eagle Scouts, YMCA, Lions Club, various other groups and individuals have all participated in this program. Participants must sign a release form and be >12 years old with signed parental consent and adequate adult supervision if <18 years old.

Educational Materials Related to the Storm Drain marking Campaign

For a storm drain marking kit, please submit a Volunteer Program Application.  The Storm Water Branch will conduct a safety orientation and provide forms, marking supplies and maps.


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