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We invite you to help us connect formal and informal educators to the latest information, resources, and projects relating to resilience in the face of global climate change. The changing world around us requires us to take action to protect, restore, and enhance the environment around us. Through resilience education and action, we learn of ways to facilitate such actions that will help Hawaiiʻs environment.

Your proposals should be related to one or more of the subthemes below. Mahalo for your contributions to education and building a resilient future for our keiki, community, and world.

Subtheme #1 - Aia i hea ka wai a Kāne: where are the waters of Kāne?
Water is life; teaching the importance of clean water resources is crucial to make fundamental changes for future generations use, conservation, preservation of water resources.

Subtheme #2: Fostering collaborative efforts among diverse communities
During this track we’ll discuss ways to bridge the gap between indigenous knowledge and Western science to promote environmental stewardship values through place-based learning opportunities. How do these hands-on experiential learning opportunities enhance modern day learning, connect classrooms, communities and cultures.

Subtheme #3: E nānā i nā keiki: student-driven learning experiences
Looking through the eyes of our keiki: a lens for development and growth. During this track we’ll share our student-driven learning experiences and how they have fostered active STEM learning experiences for our students, engaged our communities, and led to evidence-driven decision making for our environment and in community resilience planning.


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