Become part of Hawaii’s conservation story

The Army’s natural resource program on O‘ahu is pleased to offer paid internship positions starting in June 2019. The internship program will run from June 3-August 22,2019. Two types of paid summer internships will be offered at $14.10 per hour compensation. Our field crew internship dutites include: • Invasive weed control (may include the use of herbicide) • Rare plant re-introduction and monitoring • Rare bird and invertebrate monitoring • Ungulate and rodent monitoring and control • Fence maintenance. We also have horticulture internships. Dutites include: • Assisting in the propagation and maintenance of native Hawaiian plants, including rare, threatened and endangered species • Performing routine greenhouse maintenance and repairs • Helping to manage plant pathogens and insect pests (will include the use of pesticides) • Conducting weed and rat abatement activities.


Field Crew Internship Application: 

Horticulture Aplication:



For more information about Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit and this opportunity please visit our website at, contact us at (808) 656-7741 or via email at

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