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Divison of Aquatic Resources (DAR) is looking for a Coral Planner to oversee the DAR/NOAA Coral Conservation Grant.  Interested candidates should emphasize any prior "planning" experience in their application.


Recruitment Information

Recruitment Number 217389* - Downtown, Oahu Employment Only - $4,316 to $5,053 per month (SR-22, Step C to G). This vacancy is with the Department of Land and Natural Resources. To apply and see full posting, please visit


DAR's coral program focuses on coral reef ecosystem protection and restoration (i.e., develops new and innovative coral projects); prepares and oversees coral grants ensuring timeliness of all grant/project deliverables; and provides the agency with current information on issues of concern (e.g., disease, bleaching, etc.); and performs other related duties as assigned.

Duties Summary

Positions at level IV perform the full range of program planning and development activities, in support of an agency's program. The work of positions in this class range from assignments of moderate complexity, such as the routine review of program operations to insure that program objectives are being met, to the highly complex assignments of the next higher level. However, the primary work of positions in this class regularly involves complex assignments such as the development of new policies or standards that impact the agency and the interrelationships of its programs, and the development of comprehensive reports of findings and conclusions. Some positions may supervise lower level program specialists and/or other workers.

At this level, positions are usually responsible for one or more administrative and staff support activities such as budget formulation, grants or contracts management, staff development, development of legislation, provision of advisory services to line staff and others on new or revised techniques, processes and procedures, policy interpretation, etc.

Desirable Qualifications

EDUCATION: A bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university, preferably in natural resource management, environmental planning, marine or biological sciences, oceanography or other related field of study. Education should reflect specific knowledge of corals, marine habitats, coral reef ecology, etc.

GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Professional experience relating to grants and fiscal management, procurement/contractual services, and project development preferably in the environmental field involving a high degree of analytical skill, as well as gathering, evaluating and analyzing facts and other pertinent information required to resolve problems and/or to determine/recommend appropriate courses of action. Varied experience performing administrative, technical, analytical work requiring knowledge of and ability to perform research, organize work efficiently, develop projects, write grants, secure funding, and deal effectively with people is desired. Experience must have demonstrated the ability to elicit information orally and in writing; read, comprehend, interpret and evaluate technical subjects, analyses or proposals; and apply problem-solving methods and techniques, such as defining and analyzing problems, identifying courses of action, and determining appropriate alternatives; prepare clear and concise written reports and recommendations; and demonstrated experience working with a diverse range of people/agencies.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Professional work experience which involved the development and/or monitoring of projects related to marine ecosystems (species/habitats); coral reefs, and/or fisheries; and includes making recommendations for the development of projects to meet programmatic needs; gathering and analyzing data to provide technical guidance and recommendations on existing policies, procedures, rules, etc. This also includes performing environmental research and ecological studies; and the ability to analyze scientific data in order to determine, develop and provide recommendations for necessary environmental courses of action related to coral reefs and aquatic habitats.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements:

BASIC EDUCATION:  A bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university.

GENERAL EXPERIENCE: ONE AND ONE HALF YEARS (1.5 years) of progressively responsible professional work experience which required a high degree of analytical skill. Such experience must have involved gathering, evaluating and analyzing facts and other pertinent information required to resolve problems and/or to determine and recommend appropriate courses of action.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: ONE YEAR (1 year) of progressively responsible professional experience in one or a combination of the following:
A. Type 1: Professional work experience in any field which involved work such as monitoring, evaluating, or conducting studies and analyses of programs or projects to make recommendations for the development or revision of standards, policies, procedures, or techniques; gathering and analyzing data to determine conformance with standards and requirements and recommending improvements or developing training materials; and giving technical advice and direction pertaining to program standards, requirements, or techniques.
B. Type 2: Professional experience in a pertinent field/program area related to the agency's/program's role, function, operations, and/or program activities which provided knowledge of principles and practices, current issues and concerns of the identified field/program area and State and federal agencies, community, resources and services that interact with and have an impact on the agency's programs and activities.


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