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Responsible for developing and implementing a framework for supporting, reviewing and vetting proposals for Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area (CBSFA’s) within the DLNR. Coordinates with appropriate staff in each Division to develop a clear and replicable process (Framework) to provide important information to communities, engage with communities as they develop management plans and CBSFA proposals, review existing ecological, economic, and sociocultural data and communicate with communities and DLNR about the implications of this information, review threats to resources identified by communities and recommend research and/or monitoring, review submitted CBSFA proposals, complete Chapter 91, HRS rule-making for a CBSFA, advise communities currently engaged in CBSFA planning, conduct targeted public outreach programs, perform administrative activities to support program, and develop CBSFA application protocol for DLNR staff, guidance document for applying communities, CBSFA management plan template for communities, boilerplate language of the program for DLNR website and other material, and a list of priority management activities identified by convened community groups.


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