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KEY REQUIREMENTS U.S. Citizenship Required Appointment subject to background investigation and favorable adjudication. Travel and relocation expenses are not authorized. A pre-employment physical exam is required (reimbursable). DUTIES:You will serve as a Maintenance Worker (Trails) with the Roads and Trails section of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Assist in the maintenance and construction of graded and paved trails, trail drainage, trail bridges, and guard rails. Install, repair, and replace water diversion bars, cribbing, and retainer walls. Remove windfalls, rockslides, surface outcroppings, and debris from trails. Build up tread surfaces in eroded areas. Install stepping stones at creek crossings where bridges cannot be constructed. Safely and effectively, uses and maintain hand power tools required for the job. To qualify for this position, you must be physically fit, and have sufficient knowledge of and ability in the following Job-Related Factors: QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Ability to do the work of a Maintenance Worker (Trails) without more than normal supervision (Screen out). Ability to interpret instructions, specification, etc (including blueprinting reading). Knowledge of materials. Technical practices (theoretical, precise, artistic). Ability to operate and maintain tools and equipment. If your knowledge and ability in the SCREEN OUT factor above is not sufficient, you will receive no further consideration. In preparing your application, describe in detail the experience and training which you have had that specifically prepared you for this job and to perform the duties described for this job. Experience should be clearly described and documented in your resume. The qualifications reviewer will not assume performance of such duties by Job Titles alone. Address your knowledge, skills and abilities in the areas shown in the job-related factors. Physical Demands: Heavy physical exertion is frequently required in bending, lifting, and using hand and power tools in trail work. Examples of typical strenuous activity, include frequently lifting and carrying objects weighing up to 100 pounds, carrying and rolling rocks and logs, moving rocks up to several tons with rock bars, using hammers to crush or shape rock, using shovels extensively; frequently walking up to 20 miles daily; and must not have potential emergency medical problems that could complicate work in remote areas for extended periods of time. Working Conditions: Probationary Period: If you are a new employee or supervisor in the Federal government, you will be required to complete a one-year probationary period. Drivers License: You will be required to operate a government (or private) motor vehicle as part of your official duties; a valid driver's license is required. You will be required to submit a Motor Vehicle Operator's License upon selection. Vehicle Operation: You may be required to complete training and operate a four-wheel drive vehicle. Uniform: You will be required to wear a uniform and comply with the National Park Service uniform standards. A uniform allowance will be provided. Work Schedule: You may be required to work weekends. Travel: You may be required to travel overnight away from home up to 15 nights per month . You must obtain a government credit card for travel purposes. Government Credit Card: You will be required to complete training and obtain/maintain a government credit card with travel and purchase authority.


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