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A field Archaeologist will be duty stationed on Guam to provide on-site technical support and assistance to the Joint Region Marianas (JRM) Cultural Resources Manager (CRM) and actions related to the Programmatic Agreement between the Commander, Joint Region Marianas and the Guam State Historic Preservation Officer, Regarding Military Training and Testing on and within the Surrounding Waters of the Island of Guam, including research and assessment of potential impacts to cultural resources by military training and testing within the JRM Area of Responsibility (AOR). In fulfillment of this objective, the Archaeologist will conduct quarterly impact assessments, literature searches and data gathering, archaeological inventory surveys, archaeological testing, National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) evaluations, data recovery, monitoring, and support annual meetings with stakeholders.

This position requires excellent interpersonal skills, collaboration, flexibility, and diplomacy. The successful incumbent will provide cultural resource inventory and evaluation technical support, review and assessment of impacts on archaeological sites and historic properties, and coordinate with project proponents and managers, as well as Installation GIS Managers. Relocation expenses may be available; conditions apply.


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