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The Molokai Program Field Technician position requires an enthusiastic, motivated, action-oriented person to play an essential role in ecosystem threat abatement operations. These operations include surveying, mapping, monitoring, and controlling alien species and their impacts to Molokai’s forests. The Field Technician must be willing and able to camp in remote mountainous areas for up to three nights at a time and operate in extremely rugged terrain and adverse weather conditions. Work environment involves exposure to job hazards where there is a high possibility of injury, as well as helicopter operations, so a commitment to safety is essential.  The Field Technician will assist the Molokai team and partners with field operations and office support that may include fence construction/surveys/repairs, feral ungulate control, predator control, trail maintenance, alien plant removal, baseyard, vehicle and equipment maintenance, and also may include dog and kennel care.  The Field Technician will regularly us GPS in the field and download the data and produce GIS summary maps using a database or PC.  The Field Technician will also help conduct outreach activities which include assisting with interpretive hikes, special events and educational field trips. The Field Technician will assist with leading volunteers and volunteer groups in the operations mentioned above. Compliance with field safety protocol, preserve use policies, baseyard rules, and alien species cleanliness protocols is essential. The Field Technician must be able to communicate with hike participants and colleagues on field conditions and project status. This position is supervised by the Molokai Program Director.


  • Supervises no staff, but may help plan and direct preserve work groups, including staff or volunteers.    
  • May work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain, and under physically demanding circumstances.
  • Requires considerable physical exertion and/or muscular strain. 
  • May Requires long hours in isolated settings. 
  • Makes day to day decisions as delegated by supervisor.
  • May work under infrequent supervision.


  • High school diploma and 3 year’s training in science-related field or related experience in land management.
  • Experience recognizing Hawaii plant and animal species.       
  • Experience operating various types of equipment.                       
  • Experience with Molokai communities and familiar with Molokai hunting areas.
  • Experience using firearms and must have a Hawaii State Hunting License.
  • Must have a valid Driver’s license and have experience driving on unimproved and rough dirt access roads.                                      
  • Must be able to obtain related licenses or certifications as required. (e.g. First Aid, CPR, Youth Safety and others as appropriate to the job).                                        


  •  2 - 3 years’ experience in conservation land management.
  • Knowledge of TNC’s Molokai Terrestrial conservation areas.             
  • Experience working with or knowledge of natural systems. 
  • Ability to recognize native and invasive plant and animal species to complete preserve management activities.
  • NRA Firearm Certification.
  • Experienced with hunting techniques and control methods.
  • Experienced in fence construction techniques in remote areas.
  • Experienced in helicopter operations.
  • Experienced driving a 4x4 vehicle on undeveloped mountain access roads.
  • Ability to operate various types of equipment in a safe and efficient manner (e.g., lawn mower, chainsaw, tractor, two-way radio, etc.).
  • GPS familiarity and downloading of data to GIS system.
  • PC familiarity, including database knowledge.


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The Nature Conservancy is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Our commitment to diversity includes the recognition that our conservation mission is best advanced by the leadership and contributions of people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and culture. Recruiting and mentoring staff to create an inclusive organization that reflects our global character is a priority and we encourage applicants from all cultures, races, colors, religions, sexes, national or regional origins, ages, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, military, protected veteran status or other status protected by law.

The successful applicant must meet the requirements of The Nature Conservancy’s background screening process.



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