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Duties Summary

Independently performs a wide variety of complex, specialized technical functions in support of forestry, wildlife and other natural resources research, development, management and maintenance projects; and performs other related duties as as assigned.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Basic Education/Experience:
 Experience requiring the ability to read, comprehend and apply written directions and a high degree of verbal skill in addition to the ability to make basic mathematical computations including percentages and averages.
This experience may be met from part-time or unpaid work. There must, however, be evidence that participation was on a continuous basis but not necessarily on a full-time normal work basis. This requirement may also be met by: 1) possession of a high school diploma or equivalent; or 2) excess Specialized Experience as described below.

Specialized Experience: Three (3) years of progressively responsible sub-professional or technical work experience in forestry, wildlife, or other fields of natural resource management, conservation, and development. This experience must have demonstrated that the applicant possesses:

Knowledge of: Game and non-game birds and animals and their habitats; forestry, wildlife, and other natural resource management research and survey techniques; and basic carpentry, plumbing, and masonry used in forest, wildlife, and natural resource development and maintenance projects, and wildland fire control techniques and practices.

Ability to: Understand and carry out oral and written instructions; write neat, accurate and comprehensive field notes and data sheets; make mathematical calculations, including multiplication, division, percentages and averages, and make visual estimates of percentage quantities; perform long hours of strenuous work under adverse conditions; and talk to groups and individuals to explain programs, policies and procedures.

Substitutions Allowed: Relevant substitutions as described in the Minimum Qualification Requirements will apply.

Driver's License: Some positions require possession of a valid driver's license. For these positions, applicants must possess a valid driver's license at the time of appointment.  The immediate vacancy has this requirement.

Other Requirements:
A. Firearms: Some positions require the handling of firearms and ammunition when participating in predator control and eradication activities. Applicants must meet all Federal and State regulations pertaining to the carrying, use and possession of firearms and ammunition. Under the requirements of the Federal Gun Control Act, applicants for these positions may not possess a conviction of domestic violence.   The immediate vacancy has this requirement.

B. Lifting and Carrying: Some positions require the ability to lift and carry objects of various weights unassisted and/or assisted by another person and/or use of equipment (e.g., hoisting equipment, hand truck), with or without reasonable accommodation.  The immediate vacancy has this requirement.

C. Physical Requirement: Applicants must be physically able to perform the essential duties of the position effectively and safely, with or without reasonable accommodation, and which typically require, but are not limited to, the ability to backpack thirty (30) pounds for five miles.

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