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Based in Live Exhibits Department, supervised by Curator. Serves as lead biologist in coral propagation and research programs. Monitors and performs maintenance and repairs of assigned and backup aquarium exhibits; husbandry duties include, but are not limited to, cleaning, feeding, visual inspection for disease detection, water quality assessment and disease treatment. Participates in the design, creation and installation of renovated and new exhibits that are ecologically realistic and of the highest public viewing standards. Collects animals for exhibits and research; assists with the collection of algae, invertebrates, fishes, live rock and food organisms, using SCUBA, snorkeling, netting, and hook-and-line methods. Observes and assesses animal health and behavior, and reports observations to appropriate supervisor. Maintains extensive records on field and exhibit animals. Writes grant and permit applications and reports as required. Maintains life support equipment, e.g., water and air pumps, chillers, protein skimmers, lights, etc. Uses computers and word processing, spreadsheet, database, and graphing programs. Performs shift work, including late night, holiday and weekend duties and other specialized work assignments. Makes presentations, teaches classes, and interacts with the public, docents, and volunteers. Assists with Aquarium events and activities. Works at heights and in confined places. Lifts objects weighing up to 40 pounds. Complies with OSHA requirements, including wearing appropriate clothing, safety equipment and respirator mask, where appropriate. Interacts with WAQ staff, volunteers, students, visitors, etc. in a polite, courteous and professional Supervises student aquarists and volunteers. Ensures that supervised personnel interact with WAQ staff, volunteers, students, visitors, etc., in a polite, courteous and professional manner. Other duties as assigned


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