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Mahalo for your interest in volunteering at NTBG on the south shore of Kauai! We offer volunteeroptions for visiting volunteers in McBryde Garden, which is a veritable botanical ark of tropical flora and home to the largest ex situ collection of native Hawaiian flora in existence.


We request a '4' hour minimum of service, available Monday-Friday (closed most holidays).  Volunteers are able to serve up to 40 hours per week if their interest and scheduling allows.  Main site locations available are either the Conservation Horticulture Center (Nursery) or McBryde Garden. 


  Conservation Horticulture Center (Nursery):  if you're seeking a controlled environment, the nursery is a perfect volunteer site.  Shade screens provide protection from the sun, light exposure to the elements, and ground is level gravel or concrete. Examples of a service day may include re-potting plants, weeding plants in pots, fertilizing, etc. Most work is at 'waist high' work tables - there is limited bending/reaching/stretching.  You're exposed to the heartbeat of NTBG’s conservation work, as the nursery is responsible for growing plants for restoration sites.  


  McBryde Garden: if helping in a "hands on" position is what you're seeking - this is the perfect choice.  You'll be submerged in the living collections as an assistant to our Garden Horticulture staff!  A service day would include walking on uneven terrain, being exposed to the elements (sun, wind, rain); there would be bending, kneeling, and light lifting, and stretching type activities.  Duties could include removing invasive plants, watering, removing green waste debris and transferring to the compost pile, pruning or even harvesting.  Areas of service could vary, from our Bio Diversity trail, Spice of Life trail, and Native Hawaiian section (and more!). 


 The first step to volunteering at NTBG is to fill out a Volunteer Interest Form from our website Volunteer interest form

* Don't forget to pack; closed toe shoes, water bottle, snacks/lunch, protection from the elements (hat/sunscreen/rain jacket).   

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